Dental Technology

Dental Technology

Just as it is with any other field of medical science, the dental industry continues to advance and evolve each day. Living in the age of technology has created so many wonderful opportunities to develop more advanced and precise tools, machinery and techniques. One specific area of practice which has benefited tremendously from these innovations is dental implant technology.At Advanced Dental Specialty Group, we utilize the latest and most high-tech equipment and procedures available to make sure that our patients get the best implant experience possible. We do this through various technologies which we will now explain.

What Is CAD-CAM?

CAD is short for computer-assisted design. CAM is short for computer-assisted manufacturing. This process allows dentists to make perfectly fitting, customized appliances for your dental implants. By using advanced imaging and computer design technology, CAD software can design custom implant devices for your specific needs. Not only that, but CAM technology can also help to fabricate the appliances, many times right there in the office.

What Is A Digital Panoramic X-Ray?

Unlike traditional x-rays which require multiple scans of the mouth to get a full picture, digital panoramic x-rays can capture the entire mouth in one scan. With such a complete image to inspect, dental professionals are able to provide more thorough examinations.

What Is A 3D Cone Beam?

3D cone beam technology takes the imaging process even further than that of panoramic x-rays. Not only can this imaging technology create a scan of the entire mouth as well, it does it in a 3 dimensional view. In addition to that, it also captures much more than just the teeth. It produces an image of the bone, gums and other soft tissue as well.

What Is A Soft Tissue Laser?

Soft tissue lasers are extremely helpful in any type of surgical procedure. These ultra-fine lasers take the place of larger and less precise instruments such as scalpels. They are even a superior option to electrosurgery. Not only are these lasers powerful, they are also very gentle. Patients need not be concerned with them damaging other dental appliances they may have such as crowns or bridges.

Dental Technology

What Is Guided Dental Implant Tech?

Guided dental implant tech is where multiple kinds of technology and equipment are combined to provide a more precise and exact procedure. By using the best imaging, design and manufacturing, along with the actual procedures themselves, oral care experts are able to customize each aspect of the process to offer patients the highest quality experience and dental appliance.

What Is Micro Dentistry?

In this particular area of expertise, dental practitioners use the various high-tech options available for preventative and early stage care for a number of issues. The advanced imaging equipment, as well as other tools and devices provide an excellent opportunity to investigate and diagnose conditions that they may not have been able to see otherwise.

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