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Tooth Socket Graft
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3D x-ray illustration of mandible and results after a tooth socket graft treatment at Advanced Dental Specialty Group.One of the most common and basic dental procedures is a tooth extraction. However, what many patients may not realize is that there is a very important treatment which should follow the completion of the removal. This is known as a tooth socket graft. This is to help keep the structural integrity of the area intact, as well as to preserve the empty socket’s bone mass.

Our dental health care providers at Advanced Dental Specialty Group are very experienced in dealing with patients who need this type of procedure performed. But first, here is a little bit more information concerning tooth socket grafts and what they provide:

What Are Tooth Socket Grafts?

Anytime a tooth is removed from its socket it begins to resorb and deteriorate almost immediately. This can create a number of issues and difficulties when you return to have your dental implant placed after the extraction heals. When a tooth socket graft is performed following the removal, it helps to preserve the area from this deterioration.

This allows the bone to stay healthy and strong, which will make the future implant placement much easier. When the area is not grafted, it oftentimes leads to the need for further treatments before it is ready to receive the implant. Opting for the tooth socket graft now usually saves the patient significant time and effort.

Why Is This Procedure Necessary?

For people who go into the extraction procedure knowing that they intend to have an implant replacement later on after the recovery process is complete, this is the only way to be sure that the bone walls and floor of the socket stay strong and uncompromised. Failing to have a tooth socket graft after your tooth removal will most likely require you getting additional treatments or restorative measures performed before you are ready for the implant.

What Does the Procedure Consist Of?

Once the tooth has been removed, the area will be cleaned thoroughly. Our staff will then clean and debride the socket itself. From there, a small piece of bone will be used as a replacement. In most cases this will be a cadaver bone, unless a major tooth socket grafting is required. In these instances a larger piece of bone will need to be harvested. This usually comes from the patient themselves.

Regardless, after the bone is placed in the socket, a collagen plug will be sutured in to hold it in place. The collagen plug will typically fall out on its own in a week or two. The sutures which are used to sew it in dissolve about a week later. Although not getting a tooth socket graft following your extraction does not mean that you cannot have your implant placed after it heals, it may make the procedure more difficult.

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Tooth socket grafts are many times just the solution needed to provide a proper dental implant placement once they have healed. Our dental care specialists here at Advanced Dental Specialty Group are highly experienced in performing this procedure for numerous patients. Give us a call at 385 381-6464 to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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At Advanced Dental Specialty Group, we are very experienced in dealing with tooth socket grafts; preserving the mouth. Click here to learn more!
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