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Single Tooth Implant

Diagram of dental implant with postReplacing an individual tooth can be a quick and simple process. There is any number of reasons that a patient may need only a single tooth implant. The most common ones usually have to with decay, gum disease or some other oral health concern. However, accidents, facial trauma, and other unexpected occurrences may also lead to the loss of a tooth.

Here at Advanced Dental Specialty Group, our dental specialists are well versed in many different types of implant design and placement procedures. Here is a little more information about this process:

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Although bridges were the most sought after method of tooth replacement for many years, the introduction of dental implants has changed that. Now that these appliances, as well as the procedure itself, have become so much better and easier, implants are now in high demand with patients who are in need of a single tooth replacement. The fact is that for most people, this is a much higher quality solution for many reasons.

Tooth Implant Benefits

The benefits and advantages of single tooth implants over other dental replacement options are many. To begin with, the stability of implants is much greater than that of a bridge. This is because of the way these devices are placed. Unlike bridges, which must rely on the surrounding teeth for their sturdiness, dental implants screw into an anchor placed in the jaw. This provides maximum security and stability.

Not only that, but these appliances also prove to be better in a number of practical uses as well. They are much stronger than bridges, making chewing and eating easier. On top of that, they last much longer and require less maintenance. Dental implants which are properly taken care of can last for the rest of a person’s life.

Preparing for the Implant Procedure

Before the actual crown can be placed, the anchor must first be inserted into the jawbone. After that, a recovery period must take place to allow the tissue and bone time to heal before moving forward to the implant procedure. In some cases, there may be another step between the anchor placement and the implantation. This is where we uncover the implant and attach an extension to it.

What Happens During the Process

After the preparation has been completed, the rest of the process is pretty simple. A customized crown that has been designed and manufactured specifically for your mouth will be placed and screwed into the anchor point. This crown will be shaded to blend in naturally with your real teeth, creating not only a functioning replacement but also an aesthetically pleasing one. If there is nothing else that needs to be handled from there, the final step is going through the short recovery period.

Single tooth implants are a great way to address a missing tooth. They provide incredible stability and long-term solutions to nearly all of your dental needs. To learn more about the options we offer here at Advanced Dental Specialty Group give us a call by dialing 385 381-6464.

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