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Dentist explaining digital x-ray to a woman in dental chair at Advanced Dental Specialty Group.At Advanced Dental Specialty Group we specialize in a wide variety of procedures designed to maintain or improve your periodontal tissues. The periodontal (gum) tissues are an important part of your oral health. Our experience and expertise in periodontics allows us to provide high-quality treatments you cannot find anywhere else!

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a commonly occurring disease that is a consequence of poor oral hygiene. This disease involves an infection of your gums and can have significant effects on the health of your teeth and overall quality of life. Early symptoms include sensitive gums and gums that bleed easily during brushing.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Because periodontal disease is easily prevented and treated in its early stages, it is important to recognize its symptoms. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group can easily determine if you are suffering from gum disease during an oral exam.

Mouth Body Connection

It is important to understand that your oral health will affect the rest of your body. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group can educate you on the importance of the mouth-body connection and ensure that you are in top oral health through our preventative and restorative treatments.

Dental Consequences of Periodontal Disease

If your gum disease is in its early stages, the symptoms are relatively minor and will only slightly disrupt your daily routine. However, if gum disease goes untreated, it can result in significant damage to your teeth and gums.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Gum disease is a commonly occurring disease that is the result of poor oral hygiene. There have been many treatments developed to specifically address the causes and effects of gum disease. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group are skilled in all of these surgical and non-surgical treatment options to provide you with the best oral care possible.

Non-surgical Treatments

Periodontal disease is a commonly occurring condition that is present in a large number of American adults. Fortunately, this condition is easily treated with non-surgical interventions, such as scaling and root planing, when it is detected early. That is one of many reasons why it is important to receive regular dental exams and professional cleanings.

Surgical Treatments

While gum disease can be successfully treated with non-surgical interventions in its early stages, if your gum disease has progressed it may require surgical procedures to repair the damage. No matter the severity of your gum disease, our team can develop a custom treatment plan for you that utilizes a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments to provide the best results.

Other Surgical Treatments

Gum Grafting

Much like a bone graft, a gum graft can help regenerate crucial tissues. We may recommend a gum graft to address severe instances of gum recession. The type of gum graft you receive depends on the severity and location of the recession.

Gingival Contouring

Gingival contouring is used to treat various abnormal occurrences on your gumline. One of these is when you have an excess amount of gum tissue present. Excess gum tissue can make you more prone to oral health conditions such as gum disease. By using gingival contouring, our team can treat several soft tissue conditions to protect your teeth and give you a smile that you can be confident in.


A frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that involves the removal of the lingual or labial frenum. We may recommend a frenectomy to improve the mobility of your tongue and allow for proper speech (removal of lingual frenum). Removing the labial frenum may be necessary to close the gap between the two front teeth.

Why Choose a Periodontist?

All dentists are required to complete dental school to obtain their doctorate degree. A periodontist is a dentist that has attended an additional three years of school after obtaining their doctorate. This additional training provides our periodontal professionals with all of the knowledge that they need to provide you with great oral health care.

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At Advanced Dental Specialty Group, our experience and expertise in periodontics allows us to provide high-quality treatments you cannot find anywhere else!
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