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Multiple Tooth Implant
Farmington, UT

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implantsMany people who are facing a situation in which they are in need of replacing multiple teeth are not quite sure what options they may have, much less which one would be the best choice for them. For people who are good candidates for multiple tooth implants, this is almost always the most effective option.

The dental experts here at Advanced Dental Specialty Group are highly skilled in performing implant procedures involving two or more teeth. Sometimes this includes an entire upper or lower jaw. However, it is important to understand exactly what goes into the procedure and what to expect from it before deciding if it is right for you.

Why You Should Consider a Multi-Tooth Implant

One of the main things to consider when deciding what type of replacement appliances might be best for you is how many teeth you are missing and where exactly they are located. Not everyone or every situation is suited for implant replacement.

For example, things such as the amount of mass you have in your jawbone, as well as its overall condition play a role in determining whether or not multiple tooth implants would be a viable treatment for you. But for those patients who are good candidates, there is no better option available if you want the most comfortable, functional, and natural looking replacements.

Advantages of Multiple Tooth Implants Over Other Replacement Options

Prior to the rise in availability and popularity of multiple tooth implants, bridges and partial dentures were the most common solutions for patients who were missing few or even several teeth. However, one of the biggest disadvantages to these options as opposed to implants is the fact that they rely on the surrounding teeth for their strength and support.

This produces additional stress on the existing teeth which still remain, which can cause further dental concerns as time goes by. Since implants are anchored directly to the jaw itself, they are significantly stronger, more stable and don’t put any added strain to the remaining teeth. They are also much more comfortable, better functioning and longer lasting. They also offer benefits to the jawbone as well by helping to preserve it. Bridges and dentures, on the other hand, may lead to other problems such as resorption or decay.

The Implant Placement Procedure

Many patients are unfamiliar with how the process of implant placing actually works. Because of this, some of them may experience anxiety about the procedure. There really is no reason for this once you see what goes on and how simple it truly is. The only thing which may complicate the process is if you have other dental concerns such as extractions or gum disease which must be addressed first.

It is usually a two-part process, unless an extension needs to be added between the first and second steps. The first procedure is when the anchor is placed in your jaw. Once you have gone through the healing process, the final part of the treatment is where the new crowns are inserted into the anchor.

Implants for multiple missing teeth are a great way to ensure years of healthy teeth. With other dental appliances you will most likely need replacements down the road. With proper care, multiple tooth implants can last for decades. Here at Advanced Dental Specialty Group we provide these and many other oral health services to our clients. You can reach us by calling 385 381-6464 to find out more.

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