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Dental Consequen­ces of Periodontal Disease
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Diagram of a healthy tooth versus a tooth with periodontitis.Periodontal disease also referred to as gum disease, is a slowly progressing disease that has a variety of symptoms. If your gum disease is in its early stages, the symptoms are relatively minor and will only slightly disrupt your daily routine. However, if gum disease goes untreated, it can result in significant damage to your teeth and gums.

Advanced gum disease treatments are costly and time-consuming. That is why it is important to come to see our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms of gum disease. Our professionals can easily diagnose you during an oral exam and get you on the path to your best smile.

Inflammation and Sensitive Gums

One of the first symptoms of gum disease is overly sensitive gums. This condition will mean that your gums may bleed during brushing and flossing. They may also become discolored and lose a healthy appearance. As gum disease progresses, it will result in inflammation and swelling in your gumline.

This inflammation is caused by the bacteria that accumulates below your gums, which can cause an infection. The infection will sometimes go away on its own but may need to be treated by oral antibiotics. This constant state of inflammation can make you more prone to illness and weaken your immune system.

Receding Gums and Loss of Bone Density

As your gum disease continues to progress, the consequences will become more severe and will require more extensive treatment methods. Over time, gum disease will damage the healthy soft tissue in your mouth. This will result in severely infected or even receding gums. Our professionals can repair this damage but will have to do so through the use of a soft tissue graft.

Advanced gum disease will also result in a loss of density in your jawbone. This wasting can make you more susceptible to injury and can even result in your facial structure being less pronounced. In order to correct this consequence of gum disease, our team implements a procedure called a bone graft. During a bone graft, our team will graft bone fragments to your jawbone to repair and strengthen it.

Tooth Loss

The final and most catastrophic consequence of untreated gum disease is tooth loss. Your gums and jawbone are vital to supporting your teeth and holding them in place. After the gum recession and bone density loss progresses, you will begin to lose your teeth.

Once tooth loss begins, our team will have to utilize a combination of surgical interventions to restore your smile and repair the damage. You will need a bone graft and most likely a soft tissue graft. Once the healing process for those procedures has been completed, our team will have to replace your teeth through the use of dental implants or other replacement options.

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As you can see, the consequences of untreated gum disease are costly and significant. Early detection and treatment of your gum disease are important in providing you with successful outcomes. Our team at Advanced Dental Specialty Group can provide you with the best in preventative and restorative treatments for gum disease. You can schedule your appointment today by calling our office at 385 381-6464.

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At Advanced Dental Speciality Group, we understand periodontal disease treatments are costly and time-consuming. Come see us if you encounter symptoms of gum disease.
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